Our Team

Keith S. Chan - Social Media Instructor

Keith S. Chan has been an entrepreneur his whole life. He started his career at the age of 15 in internet marketing back when the internet was in its infant stages. Keith has been active in both his community and industry by educating and volunteering with local resource partners like SCORE, The World Market Center, the SBA, Nevadas Center For Entrepreneurship, Nevada Micro Enterprise Initiative, the Nevada Small Business Development Center, UNLV, the College of Southern Nevada, The American Finance Association, the Association of General Contractors, the National Association of Ticket Brokers, the NFTE, and many more.

Gjiro Ukehaxhaj - Web Design Instructor

Gjiro has spent most of his adult life pursuing his three passions: technology, creativity, and entrepreneurship. As an undergraduate student at the University at Buffalo, he studied computer science, & business.

Warren B. Jobs - Social Media Instructor

Warren can help you translate your corporate message into a web property. He'll work with you to determine what online path is most appropriate for your brand. He'll help you connect with your customers.

David Bijlani - Social Media Instructor

With five startups by the age of twenty-one across three nations. David has experience creating, organizing, and branding a company from its inception; managing its development, and bringing it to market head and shoulders above of its competition.

Bryan McKeon - Social Media Instructor

Bryan is one of our resident social media experts at New York. His passion for all things social media isn’t just a hobby; it’s a full time job. Over the last few years, Bryan has developed unique techniques and best practices when it comes to promoting businesses online. From introducing social media strategy to new users to advanced techniques for business professionals, Bryan has the insight to accomplish your goals on the web.

Jake Perillo - Content Management Intern

Jake Perillo has been passionate about everything that is technology related since a young age and is a Information Systems Major from Pace University in Westchester, NY. He has been active throughout any community he has found himself in through his fraternity relations with doing community service and many other events. He is a well rounded individual with knowledge of many things. He enjoys teaching anyone he comes across about any new or existing technologies that are available and enjoys helping people connect with other individuals.

Manfred Defonce - Graphic Design Intern

Graphic Designer/Digital Illustrator & State University of New York at Oswego graduate with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Graphic Design. Born in the island nation of Haiti, ever since the age of 5 his life revolved around art. But growing up in New York, he developed the love for designing, is always immersed in new technologies, learning new techniques & having a wide span of imagination influencing his creativity. Runs the independent freelance company called Wise Alec Ink all while getting real world experience to establish his life & career.

Zach Cohen - Video & Film Intern

An undergraduate at Mercy College, Zach is working on a degree in Media Studies, with an interest in Television and Film Production. He hopes to work in television as a cameraman or editor one day. He also hopes to use his experience with New York to understand more on how to use social media to his advantage.

Marcel Clemens - Journalism & PR Intern

Marcel Clemens is an international student from Germany, studying at EF International Language School in Tarrytown. With his future goal to become a respected journalist, Marcel likes to share information through both conventional newspapers and social media. After he had graduated from high school in 2011, Marcel enjoyed working for several newspapers in Germany. Besides his passion about sharing information with the world, Marcel is really passionate about soccer and taking photographs.