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Speaker Requests

Are you looking to provide your company with an award winning insights and expertise? Our team is made up of web savvy, marketing pros. By requesting a NYI speaker for your next gathering, you and your team can obtain information on the latest trends in social media as well as winning marketing practices.

Information to Include When Requesting a Speaker:

Our company boasts a talented array of media professions. Their vast skills along with their extensive communications training grants our team a blend of technical proficiency and creativity. From social media mavens to innovative graphic designers you’ll find that our strategic group of employees provides valuable insights into marketing and expanding your business.

  • Who are you? Are you representing a business, professional organization, etc.? Include any relevant links that may provide us with a better understanding of who you are and what your company or organization stands for.
  • Who is the audience? Professionals, Business Owners, etc.? How many participants do you expect to generate? Which demographics are you trying to appeal to? Are they already familiar with the topic you’d like to present to them or will they need some background information?
  • Budget: What is the budget set aside for the speaker(s)? What would you like to charge those attending the event, if anything? Do you plan on having those participating in the talk aid in its promotion.
  • Topic: What is the objective of the event or session? Why/how do you believe the topic will be of interest and value to those attending? When coming up with a topic, be mindful of setting realistic targets. For instance, if the session is merely 30-minutes, it should not be marketed as ‘Everything You Need to Know About...”
  • Format: Are you looking for a single speaker or panelist? If you’d like to feature a panel, who else will be on the panel? How much time would you like to set aside for the presentation and would you like to include a follow-up Q & A?
  • When and Where Where do you plan to hold the event? What items are needed to assure that the event runs smoothly, such as a laptop, projector, microphone, speakers, etc.
  • Publicity: How will you market the event and who will you market the event to? How do you plan to bring exposure to the speaker?
  • Recording: Will the session be photographed and/or recorded? If yes, can the speaker feature the content on their site/blog?
  • Reason for Request: It is important that you clearly indicate why you have chosen a speaker from NYI so that we can assure the event is a good fit for your company/organization while catering to your specific areas of interest.

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