Job Seekers

Skip Job Boards and Use Social Media Instead

LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and blogging are much better tools for finding jobs that speak to your passions than job boards and corporate web sites

Dan Schawbel

If you rely on job boards or corporate Web sites for your job search, you'll find yourself unemployed for a very long time. Instead, look to your networks, both in real life and in the virtual world. A recent Jobvite survey reflects this evolution in recruitment, noting that 72% of companies plan to invest more in recruiting through social networks. By using LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter, as well as your own blog, you have more outlets to communicate your personal brand and find a job faster than the competition. Here's a look at how you can best use these tools.

LinkedIn:The most obvious social network for corporate recruiting is LinkedIn, with more than 40 million professional member profiles across all industries. There are literally thousands of recruiters searching for passive talent—those who are employed and not actively seeking a new position—as well as job seekers who are leveraging the network to find available positions. Then make sure you complete your entire profile, get recommendations, join groups both locally and globally, and make sure you always keep your profile information up to date.

Blogging:Blogging is what you do when you're trying to stand out from the hundreds of millions of unemployed? That type of visibility can helped secure full-time job—within months. Blogging showcases your credibility as a specialist and can be leveraged as a conversation-starter during job interviews. Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the marketplace, which will create separation from your competition.