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Be the first to join the one of a kind Social Media Tech Camp for teens. Learn what’s new in the world of Social Tech and how it will positively impact the future of teens ever where. Our courses are offered for teens ages 13-18. Check out our weekly schedule.

Why Choose Froogle Teen Academy

Find out what is unique about Froogle Teen Academy compared other summer tech camp. Our vision has been to take the tools and technology of social media and develop a teaching curriculum that is fun, passion driven, in a practical and scalable learning environment. We expose teens to the world of Social Tech and the benefits that lies within.

The Mission

To inform, educate and empower teens with relevant knowledge of social media and the tools of technology that will impact their learning ability and enables them to gain a competitive edge over their peers and acquire the independence and confidence to make a positive impact in their future.

Our Team Philosophy

For Parents by Parents as parents we understand the urgent concerns we have with our teens using social media. Irresponsibly. The level of confusion anxiety fear. For some have band the use or throw our hands up with no solution in hand. because tools and technology of social media is so powerful when used properly can positively make a great impact on there future, used irresponsibly can be can do irreversible damage to he/she personal, social and academic life. Our children have been given access to these social media tools without any instructions, manual or training. We at Froogle compare that to handing a 13 year child keys to a car with no driving lesson and no manual to operate from and expect them to know the rules of engagement. The Froogle philosophy, the tools and technology of social media is not going any where and it can not be ignored. We believe, when you educate a child you empower them to make responsible decision that will have a positive impact on their future.

How We Teach

Customized Curriculum: Our passion to develop social responsibility through social education problem-solving and technical skills our one of a kind curriculum is designed at a no pressure pace for beginners through advanced skilled students. Students are challenged to stretch their creativity while they gain new and exciting technology skills.

Benefits of Attending Froogle Tech Camps

  • Passion: Enable the one desire to be explored.
  • Confidence: Encourage personal expression through project.
  • Academics: Higher level of knowledge in field of social technology that give you a competitive edge.
  • Awareness: Opens a new path to a world of social technology that that immediately impacts ones life.
  • Independence: Enjoy a higher level of social and technical skills that opens doors to infinite possibilities.
  • Benefits Beyond Camp

    Our passion to develop social responsibility and social development of our teens. long after our camp ends we will stay connected to our alumni through the social spaces taught by our instructors. This will continue to mentor our student on social media best practices. We seriously hope that you will support our passion to inform, educate and empower the teens of the future.

    Staff of Froogle Instructors

    Our Staff and Directors are real life educators, consultants, developers and journalist. Our program requires updated criminal and social background checks to insure transparency and safe guard the integrity of our staff and students.

    What They Will Leave With

    Students at Froogle Teen Academy leave with a life changing experience, new awareness and understanding of how to use technology and social media to positively impact there life immediately. In addition to learning personal life skills, social skills and relevant job skills students with confidence and a competitive edge over their peers.