Brand Ambassadors

Become A NYI Brand Ambassador


Social media allows for a conversation between the creators of a product and consumers to develop. The notion of lifestyle plays an important role in the promotion of a product. This is because the public has grown wary of traditional marketing practices. A New York brand ambassadors serves as an alternative to common advertising methods. They bring an element of cred-ability, like-ability, and interest to a product.

Online Brand Ambassadors

The Internet has allowed the everyday consumer to become a brand ambassador via blogs and the various forms of social media. Each ambassador, whether unknown or a skilled celebrity, is aided by a brand ambassador agreement. This agreement illustrates specific activities and the form of compensation that is to be provided.

Job Description

NYI brand ambassadors promote products/services by capturing the attention of consumers. They aid brand managers with the development of sales and marketing campaigns. They also provide feedback on sales opportunities in the market place. A major part of a brand ambassador’s work is consumer interaction. They must be adept at providing consumers with information as well as answering any questions that they may have.

Work Environment

There are a variety of different environments that a New York brand ambassador may work in. Some represent products/services at corporate events or conventions while others may engage with the nightlife community. Whatever their means of promotion, our brand ambassadors usually work in public venues or large events. Those that illustrate how a product works are known as product demonstrators.

Educations and Qualifications

Working as a New York brand ambassador allows you to utilize on the job training. No specific education outside of high school is usually required. Our brand ambassadors thrive on being outgoing and personable so having such qualities is important.

Growth & Career Path

New York brand ambassadors that possess leadership skills and who effectively generate consumer interest tend to progress. There are a number of careers that our successful brand ambassadors may undertake. Brand manager, product manager, and product developer manager are just some of the reputable positions that may eventually be obtained.


Our brand ambassadors can qualify for full-time. Compensation is based on those who take on a full-time work schedule and position.

Legal Agreement

The agreement made by a brand ambassador is a representation of the legal agreements that govern this form of PR. They provide a clear description of the responsibilities, actions, benefits, and compensation of the brand ambassador.